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After Care & Advice

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After Care & Advice

Below you will find tips and advise on how to look after and decorate your lovely new plaster.

Allowing your plaster to dry:
Plaster when it is first applied is dark brown in colour, It will gradually lighten as it dries until it reaches a very pale pink when it fully dry. If the plaster is thick in places this process may take up to a month but a skim is usually dry in 3 days.

Allow the plaster to dry naturally, do not put the heating on high in the first 48 hours, but let the drying take its natural time-this will aid a stronger plaster bond.

Preparing to decorate:
It is near impossible to deliver a ”ready to decorate” finish when plastering. In some areas (especially corners and wall joints) we suggest lightly sanding any areas that need it with a fine sand paper-this will give a superb finish.

We try our very best to prevent cracks occurring however buildings expand and contract with changes in temperature. If fine lines appear they can very easily be filled with decorators caulk which is available from DIY stores at very low cost.

New plaster needs sealing before you do any decorating as it is extremely absorbent. If paint is applied directly to its surface it will absorb the moisture in the paint and this will cause the paint to bubble and flake off.

A sealer or a primer paint on new plaster will help paint adhere to the new plaster surface.

Once the plaster is totally dry follow the steps below:

  • Clean plaster surface free of dust, dirt and oil.
  • Mix sealant: mix 3 parts water based paint with one part water creating a milky mixture.
  • Apply the mixture (mist coat) to the new dry plaster with a roller, we recommend two coats of this leaving it to dry in between coats.

Once you have done this you are ready to paint and decorate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]